Bioprocess Pty Ltd

We are a privately held corporation at Cicada Innovations, located in the Australian Technology Park  at Eveleigh, NSW producing and marketing recombinant DNA based key proteins and technologies for use in the biomedical sciences.

All steps from conceptualizing a gene product of interest, genetically engineering a suitable construct, expressing, purifying and evaluating the product are typically performed in-house, with the evaluation step frequently accomplished as a collaborative effort with outside partners.

Primary attention to date has been directed towards the development of source ingredients for diagnostic purposes, however, the current focus is evolving towards the generation of recombinant polypeptides useful in other areas of the life sciences  pursuant to the dramatically widened interest in, and need for,  novel proteins in the wake of the expansion of genomics in general.

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Bioprocess Pty Ltd

ABN 48 119 510 173
Suite 145, Cicada Innovations,
Australian Technology Park,

4 Cornwallis Street Eveleigh, NSW 2015, AUSTRALIA
Phone Number +61 2 9209 4086

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