HCV NS5 for immunoassays


Gel Images of reference proteins Lanes 1-4, variable MW as indicated and compared with HCV Non-Structural (NS5) Polypeptide, different lots (Lanes 5-10)

Lane 1:   Reference Polypeptide    38kD
Lane 2 :  Reference Polypeptide    29 kD
Lane 3:   Reference Polypeptide    28 kD
Lane 4:   Reference Polypeptide    24 kD
Lane 5:    HCV  NS5 Lot# NB7P6
Lane 6 :   HCV  NS5 Lot# NB18p28A
Lane 7:    HCV  NS5 Lot# NB18P28B
Lane 8:    HCV  NS5 Lot# NB18P30 showing contaminants
Lane 9:    HCV  NS5 Lot# NB18p32
Lane 10:  HCV  NS5 Lot# NB17p8

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