HCV NS5 Polypeptide

HCV NS5 Polypeptide

This polypeptide was developed in response to persistent requests on the part of some manufacturers to secure source material derived from the NS5 region.


HCV NS5 antigen (as Hexahistidine Derivative)



The subregion of NS5 selected for this development was different from that of other manufacturers but consistent with published scientific findings as to the preferred segment of NS5 to utilize. Several, but not all, human sera from individuals infected with HCV do react strongly with this antigen –others react only weakly or not at all while still exhibiting reactivity with capsid and NS3 antigens, confirming the supplemental role, if any, ascribed to this region. The antigen contains a hexahistidine tag to facilitate purification and comes as a 500 ug/ml solution in 4M urea-0.2M NaCl containing buffer.

To view SDS PAAGE scanned  images (several lots) of this antigen, please click HERE . To review the seroconversion data (using a standard seroconversion panel from Boston Biomedica) analyzed on an Elisa plate simultaneously coated with the HCV capsid and the Non-structural NS3 recombinant polypeptide from Bioprocess Pty Ltd, please click HERE

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