HIV P17 Type 1 Matrix Polypeptide

HIV Type 1 Matrix polypeptide

This so called HIV p17 Matrix polypeptide is derived from the N-terminal gag region of the HIV genome and constitutes a highly purified, soluble antigen and contains no fusion partner, ie., there are no non-HIV related polypeptides associated with the product.


Rec HIV p17 polypeptide



The material shows a single band on SDS gel electrophoresis. While its use is less implicated in the development of screening assays, the protein might prove useful in studies in the overall immune response to an infection with HIV, or, in specialized cases of scientific interest. It should be noted that there has been some interest in exploring the potential of antigens from this region of the genome as possible candidates for inducing protective immunity against HIV, however, nothing definitive has evolved in the literature in this regard. Again, we have been able to reduce the price for this protein as a result of process optimization.

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