HIV p24-envelope hybrid antigen (HIV Type 1)

HIV p24-envelope hybrid antigen (HIV Type 1)

E.coli-based expression of  isolated HIV envelope sequences  poses problems : The polypeptide of interest typically exhibits high hydrophobicity and insolubility in aqueous media and a low yield in bacterial expression systems, all of which results  in a poor degree of purity and to a subpar performance within the context of in-vitro immunoassay designs. These difficulties can be circumvented by designing a composite  HIV recombinant polypeptide by which the envelope  gene segment is inserted into the HIV p24 antigen gene sequence and expressed as a single hybrid polypeptide.


Rec HIV p24-env (I) protein



Viral variants tend to exhibit significant sequence diversity in their envelope segment, making immunoassays solely dependent on epitopes from this region unreliable. Combining the p24 core antigen with a selected high-impact segment from the envelope would therefore make sense, and our solution is indeed patented technology:

The p24-env antigen being offered in purified, frozen format is a 256 amino acid fusion protein consisting of the type 1 HIV p24 core polypeptide with a conserved, highly immunoreactive envelope polypeptide sequence derived from HIV-1 envelope inserted at the gene level. The combined protein molecule, incorporating both core and envelope epitopes has been brought to high levels of expression enabling effective purification procedures to be implemented. The protein produces a single band on SDS and is soluble in physiological buffer. The p24-env type 1 protein does not contain any non-HIV related sequences and it has proven to be a highly effective antigen to detect anti-HIV antibodies in infected individuals.

Substantial discounts for orders exceeding 100 mg. Purchase of the protein carries an implicit license for its use as a diagnostic source ingredient.

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