HIV p24-envelope hybrid antigen (HIV Type O)

HIV p24-env Antigen (HIV Type O)

HIV Type O is actually a subtype of the HIV Type 1 family of viruses but has gained importance as a source for specific sequences required for detecting antibodies developed against it.


Rec HIV p24-env Type O CNS



Prudent regulatory authorities now require that representative epitopes of Type O be included in immunoassay design in order to enhance the assay sensitivity.

This protein a 258 amino acid fusion protein supplied in frozen format and consisting of the type 1 HIV p24 core polypeptide with a conserved, highly immunoreactive envelope polypeptide sequence designed using a consensus sequence of various HIV type O envelope species which were synthetically prepared and inserted into the p24 gene prior to expression. The protein which has been subjected to extensive purification, produces a single band on SDS and is soluble in physiological buffer. The HIV Type O p24 env recombinant polypeptide contains no non-HIV related sequences. Due to the scarcity of type O antisera from individuals infected with this viral variant, no extensive documentation has been possible, however, reports from clients having gained experience with the protein indicate strong reactivity with such sera. Recent accomplishments  achieved in the manufacturing process of this polypeptide has allowed us to reduce the price to the level of its Type 2 counterpart.

Substantial discounts for orders exceeding 100 mg. Purchase of the protein carries an implicit license for its use as a diagnostic source ingredient.

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