HIV Type 2 Polypeptide

HIV p24-env antigen (HIV 1   Type 2)

This is a full length Reverse Transcriptase which has been complemented with a preceding hexahistidine sequence in order to enable its purification, as the yield of this protein is much reduced in comparison to other HIV constructs.


Rec HIV p66 Reverse Transcriptase polypeptide



This protein is a 258 amino acid fusion protein consisting the Type 1 HIV p24 core polypeptide with a conserved, highly immunoreactive envelope polypeptide sequence derived from HIV-2 envelope inserted at the gene level. The protein  has been designed with a similar strategy as that employed to develop the p24-env (Type 1) antigen described above, but now carries a specific, conserved structure from the HIV Type 2 transmembrane protein. The expressed hybrid molecule has been subjected to extensive purification produces a single band on SDS and is soluble in physiological buffer. The HIV Type 2 p24 env recombinant polypeptide contains no non-HIV related sequences. It has proven highly effective in detecting HIV Type 2 antibodies in sera from individuals infected with this virus. This protein requires judicious application of the purification protocol and is typically obtained in somewhat lower yield than its Type 1 counterpart.

(Purchase of the protein carries an implicit license for its use as a diagnostic source ingredient)

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