Protein Purification

Bioprocess Pty Ltd has dedicated very significant in-house resources to the development of workable purification protocols for all of the proteins under current focus.

In several instances, the availability of readily applicable techniques has been of particular value to licensees of the company, as these have helped to reduce the development time for their application to meet specific company needs.

However, Bioprocess is also offering purified proteins in bulk quantities to companies not interested in in-house manufacture of source ingredients at all, but rather desire to proceed towards the immediate development and manufacturing of sensitive assays such as those required for detecting infection with blood-borne viral diseases, a huge market where the company maintains a patent position. For blood viral key component immediately available for assay development work, please click on the pull-down menu “Products” and select the recombinant antigen of interest



Accompanying the direct purchase of finished key components from Bioprocess Pty Ltd  is an implicit license to use the recombinant source material within the context of an immunoassay of the purchaser’s own design (“Licensed Diagnostic Product”).

The royalty for this usage right has been integrated into the final purchase price of each ordered recombinant polypeptide. Should, however, a client express an interest in reaching a more comprehensive licensing agreement which entitles the licensee to manufacture, in-house, the source ingredient(s), then running royalties on final sales do become due, in addition to a negotiated upfront down-payment.

Due to restrictions in export regulations and/or company policy, the latter type agreement may not always be possible. In principle, however, both approaches are conceivable and have already resulted in several issued licenses pertaining to Bioprocess technologies, each designed to best suit a client’s needs.


Business Opportunities

Aside from US based clients, Bioprocess Pty Ltd is a direct supplier and licensor to partners overseas, primarily, but not exclusively, to European corporations.

Bioprocess Pty Ltd seeks to identify an Australian biomedical partner company with established business links and interests in this region with a view to creating a joint effort.

Such an effort should constitute an opportunity to explore, in a coherent manner, this important market.

Exploitation of gene-technology based recombinant source ingredients already available is only one aspect of a contemplated joint venture, however. With the rapid essentially automated accumulation of new sequence data, it is becoming clear that the bottleneck has already moved away from the acquisition of raw sequence information to all aspects of proteomics, including the need to develop suitable expression formats for an overabundance of new polypeptides inferred from the on-going efforts in genomics. No single company is able to exploit but a fraction of the opportunities emerging.

However, Bioprocess Pty Ltd is well positioned to expand current activities to encompass some of these opportunities. The rapid success of such a broadened task would obviously benefit from the synergy implicit in a partnership where complementary strengths of the participants are brought to bear. Ideally, therefore, Bioprocess is interested in contacts with firms in the pursuit of strategies  harmonizing  with those of Bioprocess.

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